Adult ADHD Self Report Rating Scale

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The ASRS-V1.1 Screener (Copyright © 2003 World Health Organization; Kessler et al., in press) is a 6-item questionnaire that has been shown to have concurrent validity with DSM-IV criteria for ADHD in adult studies. This scale, while not formally validated in adolescents, has been used in previous research studies with adolescents. It was chosen for use in the present study since there is no validated, accepted standard self report screening assessment for ADHD in adolescents. The ASRS-V1.1 will be administered by clinical research staff (MC, RA) incorporated in the prescreening interview, or by clinical staff at the participating community treatment program (CTP) as part of their outpatient admission packet. Adolescents who appear to meet prescreening criteria for ADHD in addition to other pre-screening criteria will be invited to make an appointment for more extensive baseline screening and assessment. The ASRS-V1.1 will be re-administered to adolescents after consent/assent as part of the screening/baseline assessment battery.
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