Adult Clinician Diagnostic Scale

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This semi-structured interview has been used in a variety of clinical trials studying adult-ADHD. It includes 84 items and addresses symptoms of attention hyperactivity deficit disorder beginning in childhood and ending with "the past 12 months." Questions cover symptoms such as "makes a lot of careless mistakes," "difficulty sustaining attention on tasks/play activities," "doesn't listen," "difficulty following instructions," difficulty organizing tasks," "dislikes/avoids tasks requiring attention," "loses things," "fidget," "difficulty remaining seated," "blurts out answers," and "talks excessively." The final four items in the scale are a "checklist summary" to assist researchers with determining whether or not the patient meets the standard criteria for ADHD ("significant and sufficient current ADHD symptoms," "significant impairment in two or more settings," e.g.). This scale has been used in numerous clinical trials, including NIDA's National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network.
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