Child Health Questionnaire

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The Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ) is a family of generic quality of life instruments that have been designed and normed for children 5-to-18 years of age. The CHQ measures 14 unique physical and psychosocial concepts. The parent form is available in 2 lengths -- 50 or 28 items. The CHQ assesses a child's physical, emotional, and social well-being from the perspective of a parent or guardian (CHQ-PF50 and PF-28 (short form)) or, in some instances, the child directly (CHQ-CF87, for children ten years of age and older). Areas measured include: physical functioning, bodily pain or discomfort, general health, change in health, limitations in schoolwork and activities with friends, mental health, behavior, self-esteem, family cohesion, limitations in family activities, emotional or time impact on the parent. The CHQ has been shown to be useful in comparing groups of children within HMOs, doctor's offices, schools, including onsite clinics, clinical trials, and large population based research efforts (e.g., Medicaid).
Physical/General Health

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