Stage-12 Participant Satisfaction Survey

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The Participant Satisfaction Survey (PSS) evaluates both global aspects of satisfaction with the STAGE-12 intervention and the perceived helpfulness of more specific aspects of the intervention. The general satisfaction items for this measure were modeled after those used in other brief measures of client satisfaction (e.g., Attkisson and Greenfield 1994; Attkisson and Greenfield 1999), particularly those used to assess participant satisfaction in Project MATCH (Donovan, Kadden et al. 2002) which also served as the source for the items used in the CTN protocol on motivational enhancement therapy with pregnant substance abusers (CTN0013). There are eight items in this section. Two items ask about the participants’ current condition and the change in their status since beginning treatment. The remaining six items ask participants to rate their overall satisfaction with the STAGE-12 intervention, the number of STAGE-12 individual and group counseling sessions, their STAGE-12 counselor, the extent to which the STAGE-12 intervention met their needs, and the extent to which they would return to the STAGE-12 program if they were to seek treatment in the future. The second section of the survey asks participants to rate how helpful they felt specific components of the STAGE-12 intervention were. These included their STAGE-12 counselor, the group meetings and individual counseling sessions, gaining a better understanding of 12-step programs and principles, assignments or “recovery tasks” to do between sessions, encouragement to attend 12-step meetings, arranging for an outside 12-step member to help get the participant to a meeting, and attending a 12-step meetings in the community.
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