Survey of Readiness for Alcoholics Anonymous Participation

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This survey is a validated a brief, 15-item measure that assesses issues related to ambivalence and readiness to engage in 12-step activities ((Kingree, Simpson, Thompson, McCrady, Tonigan, & Lautenschlager, 2006; Kingree, Simpson, Thompson, McCrady, & Tonigan, 2007). This survey consists of three 5-item subscales, each item is rated on a 5-point Likert scale (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree). These measure individuals’ perceptions about the severity of their substance use problems (e.g., “My substance use has hurt some other people”), the perceived benefits of their involvement in 12-step groups (e.g., “Going to AA gives me courage to change”), and the perceived barriers to participating in 12-step groups (e.g., “Going to AA can be embarrassing to me”).
Substance Use

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