Patient Feedback: A Performance Improvement Study in Outpatient Addiction Treatment
Short Description
To study whether feeding back performance data to clinic staff will improve patient attendance and abstinence.
Release Date
Aug 01, 2007

Although accrediting organizations, funding sources, and other agencies require community treatment providers to monitor performance, there are no studies showing that this is an effective practice or that it helps addiction treatment patients, clinicians, or managers. This study tests whether one such strategy, feeding back performance data to clinic staff, will improve patient attendance and abstinence. Ratings by patients of their group counseling experience, plus information on patient attendance and retention, will be reported to clinicians and program managers twice a month. Clinicians will receive reports for their caseload; managers will receive clinic-wide reports. Every month managers and clinicians will discuss the clinic-wide reports, identify opportunities for improvement, and make plans to increase the clinic-wide ratings. This study also measures the impact of the system on manager/clinician relations, staff job satisfaction, and whether clinicians and managers will continue to use the system after the study ends.

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