HEAL Study
Treatment-as-Usual Opioid Use Outcomes Following Discharge from Detoxification and Short-Term Residential Programs Affiliated with NIDA CTN-0051
Short Description
CTN-0051-A2 (also referred to as “ancillary study”) is an observational study intended to describe opioid use amongst opioid use disorder patients following their discharge into the community from inpatient detoxification and/or short-term residential treatment programs affiliated with CTN-0051 (referred to as “parent study”).
Release Date
Feb 15, 2024
The primary objective is to follow a group of participants with opioid use disorder to estimate treatment-as-usual rates of opioid use clinical outcomes following discharge to the community from detoxification and/or short-term residential programs. This is an observational study of participants with opioid use disorder leaving the same detoxification and/or short-term residential units from which participants for CTN-0051 are recruited, but who are discharged to TAU in the community. We will collect similar drug use measures as are collected in CTN-0051 that will allow us to estimate (1) days to first use and days to regular use, (2) number of days of use during the first four and eight weeks post-discharge to the community, and (3) number of positive, negative and missing UDSs at weeks 1, 4 and 8 post-discharge to the community.
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