Gambling Behavior Survey

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The variable ratio schedule proposed includes an element of chance, and there is some concern that this will stimulate gambling behavior in those who have a problem with this type of impulsive behavior. It should be noted that there is no evidence to support such a concern. Further, the variable ratio incentive procedure itself could not be defined as gambling. It does not require the volunteers to put up their own money, nor is there any chance that volunteers could benefit excessively or lose their own money as a result of participating successfully in the incentive program. There is a chance that an individual with a gambling problem in remission could be stimulated to resume gambling. For this reason, compulsive gambling in remission has been added as a study exclusion criteria. There is also a chance that individuals who tend to engage in excessive gambling and who abstain from drug use during the study would have more disposable income to spend on gambling. For this reason, gambling behavior will be monitored at study follow-up points.
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