HEAL Study
Motivational Incentives for Enhanced Drug Abuse Recovery: Methadone Clinics
Short Description
To study treatment incentives, interventions that can motivate clients to attend treatment sessions and initiate and sustain abstinence, compared to treatment outcomes in methadone-based Community Treatment Programs.
Release Date
Dec 13, 2006

To improve treatment outcomes, it is necessary to use interventions that can motivate clients to attend treatment and initiate and sustain abstinence. Extensive research has consistently shown that client motivation for positive behavioral change can be influenced by the use of novel interventions based on established behavioral principles. In numerous controlled experimental studies in both outpatient cocaine treatment and methadone maintenance programs, procedures involving the provision of tangible incentives (prizes, coupons, vouchers, e.g.) to clients for drug-free urines resulted in sustained periods of abstinence and retention in treatment. This study in methadone-based Community Treatment Programs (CTPs) will utilize incentive values that are considerably lower in cost than those typically used in research clinics.

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