Reducing HIV/STD Risk Behaviors: A Research Study for Men in Drug Abuse Treatment
Short Description
To study a program for men in drug abuse treatment designed to build safer sexual skills and reduce unprotected sexual risk behavior.
Release Date
Oct 02, 2008

Drug treatment, itself, can have a powerful positive effect on HIV drug use risk behavior, especially needle use behaviors. However, sexual risk behavior has received less attention and has been shown to be more difficult to change. Research suggests that skills-based HIV risk reduction interventions with peer group discussion and single sex sessions can reduce risky sexual behavior. This study evaluates a five-session HIV risk reduction group therapy designed specifically for heterosexual men. This therapy is compared to one session of HIV education, which is typically provided as standard care in drug treatment clinics. The researchers hypothesize that men in the gender-specific therapy group will report less risky sexual behavior than men in standard therapy. They are also expected to have a more positive attitude towards condom use, be more likely to have condoms, be more likely to have taken condoms from clinic.

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